It’s that time of year again….

The weather is starting to cool off, which is great for our electricity bills, but let’s face it, this time of year can be difficult for many people. Transitions, changes, not only in weather but activities, responsibilities, and yes, the dreaded back to school realization that we are all now facing (even those of us without kids).

September is only days away and before we know it, there will be commercials for Halloween even though you’re still sipping on your smoothie pool side. So how can we stay grounded and calm during this very dynamic time of year? 

1 – Slow down. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So maybe you had some long term summer goals that have not yet been fully accomplished, it’s okay. Take a breath and take your time. Just because we are being rushed back to the store for school supplies, doesn’t mean you are out of time. Take the cue from the weather and ease into this next season in your life. Avoid the urge to be rushed and let other people’s stress melt away from your energy field.

2- Keep doing what you are doing. In summer time, we tend to do a better job at self care. We go on vacations, we exercise more frequently, and we make plans to see friends and do enjoyable activities. DON’T STOP! I understand that you might be a little bit more busy now preparing for the “important things” but please start seeing taking care of yourself as part of the important things as well. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

3- Set weekly goals for yourself instead of taking on too much at once. Often times, we overwhelm ourselves with to-do lists that are too much for even the best of us to take on. Stop trying to save the world and give yourself a more manageable and realistic to-do list. Set goals for one week at a time and don’t overload yourself (that means 2 or 3 items max).

Overall, the best way to stay grounded during this transitional time of year is to take some time each day to connect to yourself. Remember to breathe, set manageable goals, and continue to provide self care and love for yourself so that you are prepared to ride out the winds of change for this upcoming season.