Teen Therapy: Individual support for your NYC Teen

  • Are you worried and concerned about your teenage child?
  • Is your teen experiencing mood swings and/or behavioral changes?
  • Has your teen recently experienced a difficult transition such as divorce, moving, or social and/or school changes?
  • Does your teenager have difficulty managing stress and life responsibilities?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, individual therapy for your teenager could be the solution you have been looking for.

Starting your teen in therapy is a great first step to guiding your child into becoming a mature and responsible adult. My approach in working with teens is simple: the relationship is EVERYTHING! I have had success treating even the most resistant teens with my engaging and easy-going therapy style. As your teenager’s therapist, I will work with your child to understand their wants and needs and tailor the treatment in the way that your teen will best receive care.

My style integrates relationship building and behavioral tools to help your teen manage his/her symptoms of anxiety, depression, and any other overwhelming emotions. As your teen’s therapist, I will teach your teenager skills needed to self-soothe and learn how to manage emotions in any environment. I also aim to build awareness and reflection in teens to help them see how their behavior affects others in their lives. Through insight-oriented psychotherapy, your teen will have a better understanding of who they are and will develop an improved self esteem at an age where identity and self-worth are constantly being tested.
If your teenager is having cold feet about working with a therapist, I would encourage you to share my social media pages and blogs with them so they can have a better understanding of my style. Twitter: @alyceetherapy Instagram: @alyceetherapy 
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Teen Anxiety Alyson Cohen Therapy


Here are some common worries that parents have about their teenagers:

“My teen doesn’t think she needs help.”

Many teens are resistant to starting therapy. They might view the therapist as an ally to their parents and not for them. This is a common misconception that is often alleviated after the first meeting with a therapist. The therapeutic alliance is the number one tell-tale sign whether or not your teenager will be helped through therapy. Once your teenager realizes that the therapist is her ally and not yours, she will be more likely to engage in treatment. A therapist very often can serve as a positive adult role model who isn’t the teen’s parent, which increases the likelihood that your teen won’t dismiss the guidance presented through therapy. As someone who has been working with teens for over eight years, I have honed my skills and have become an expert at engaging with even the hardest-to-reach teenagers.

“I think my teenager is suffering with depression.”

Adolescence is a very common time for depression to set in. Sometimes this is because a more serious emotional disturbance is developing, but often times it is related to the many pressures of adolescence, including physiological and hormonal changes that are occurring at this time. Depression can come in many forms and while sometimes it looks like sadness and tears, it also can present as anger and aggression. Starting therapy for your teen will give him the opportunity to identify and process these feelings that may be driving negative behaviors. As your teenager’s therapist, I will always be sure to provide a non-judgmental and safe space to help your teen examine your his beliefs about himself as well as the challenges he is facing. I am skilled in treating depression regardless of how it is presenting (i.e. sadness, aggression, withdrawal).

“My teenager worries about everything.”

Anxiety is another common experience for teenagers, especially living in NYC. Teens today have way more pressure than they used to preparing for high school applications, after school activities and college preparations. Teens are under tremendous amounts of stress. Working with a therapist is a sure way to calm your teen’s anxiety. Therapy is essential for your teen to learn self-soothing and calming techniques that will help her manage overwhelming anxiety. As your teen’s therapist, establishing a strong relationship with your teen will allow her to be able to trace her roots of anxiety and identify triggers as well as come up with fast acting solutions to calm worries as they arise. I am skilled in helping your teen develop action plans to put into place when and where ever anxiety strikes.

If you are interested in finding out whether your teenager and I would be a good fit to work together, please feel free to contact me today at (845) 548-8822 or alyson.cohen.lcsw@gmail.com .